John Saward – December 30, 2016 at 04:48PM

There’s this man standing in a queue to get into heaven. The queue is like a century long or so. It is moving real slow. Everyone is grumpy and irritated. They all hold their salvation-passes in their hands, and they all are careful not to let their halos droop.

The man is half way along this queue now. And because the front of the queue is in heaven and the back is down in the mortal world it is sort of a bit like limbo. Everyone is saying, “God we are so over that world, We are glad soon we will be in paradise.” And the queue moves forward slowly.


This wild-haired dude sort of dances alongside the queue and in just a short period of time dances his way into paradise. God does not blink an eyelid at the queue jumper. Just “Welcome home.”

The rest of the queuers grumble even louder.

Finally they call out, “God! We denied the world and respected your word and we insist we have more rights for an easy entry into paradise than that, .. that… that HIPPY!”

God smiles and calls down the queue. “That lad loved the world as much as he loved my word. He lived his life on earth AS IF earth was paradise. The transition for him thus is negligible. You guys on the other hand – don’t worry you are all coming into the fold – eventually – you saw paradise as one thing and the world as an other. You hankered after death or enlightenment or a rapture or whatever, that would push you into the beyond and leave the world behind. You neglected to see paradise is ALWAYS, All places, all everything.

Thus your transition is delayed.”

Nobody spoke for quite a while. Some turned their heads back to the world. One mumbled, “Hmm perhaps it is not too bad”.

God laughed.

The hippy lad was already doing what he had done all his life on earth. Now he did the same things in paradise. Nothing changed.

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