John Saward – December 27, 2016 at 08:26PM

His writing will not become more logicalised. He sees no point in that. Logic is to his stories as demons are to the Christian Religion. He likes the sound of that analogy. He determines to bring a demon or two into the narrative. Perhaps they can hang out with Grum The Troll underneath the bridge that sinners have to cross on the way to the church to do penance or seek a meal voucher. Yes, They can be long lost cousins of Grum. He gets his writing colander down again and peers into it. He sees the fisherman still sweeping shells off the pier and the sandcastle still just about to dissolve int he rising tide. He still does not know how to bring the fisherman into the main thread of the story. He laughs. “Main thread?” And he determines that the Goats on the mountainside are not the key to full understanding of the story after all. There is no key. No key at all. But his wife pokes her head into the studio and says, “Am I in your story this week?”

He rolls off his chair and plays dead. She comes over and straddles him and says, “What will it be this time, big boy?”

And again the lights go off in the writer’s studio.

From Pizza Episode 4, not yet published.

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