John Saward – July 09, 2014 at 07:28AM

A different day yesterday. A day like days were a couple of years ago. Lots of talking with people. I do speak with people almost every day but I do avoid it if possible. I prefer text. Or massage. But somehow yesterday things needed attending to that the universe demanded phone calls about. The calls were made and perhaps progress made in some stuck areas and one could begin to like this again. It had fallen apart when my heart was broken by a big client some time back and I totally lost my confidence in verbal communications. Especially the meeting room type. Things move on I suppose. Well things don’t, mind adjusts. I was actually a very very good verbal communicator. It is still in me and I will bring it out of the box when the box does its box thing too much. Or that may have been that. This has been a daily morning briefing on the State of The Mind of John. Carry on, move along, nothing happening here.

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