John Saward – June 15, 2014 at 11:27AM

There is a church in the far country. The road doesn’t go far enough for that church to even have an address. You reach it – perhaps – by taking the road over the misty high mountains and if you find your way through the entangled forest you may perhaps catch a glimpse of star-men and star-women hovering above in their inter-planetery-play-craft.

If you do vision those immortals, know you are on the right path. But if the path you follow continues on into the plains beyond the mountains, know that you are being led by a phantasm and will never that way reach the sanctity of the far country church.

You must dispense with all notion of path after you journey to the heights and connect with the immortal dwellers of the Galaxy who monitor those who find their way thus far.

Trust yourself then; there is no way but on.

The far country church is always open, and on its altar is always your heart.

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