John Saward – May 31, 2014 at 10:22AM

Also, today I learned about the Galactic Calendar which evidently works for only those of us with infinite patience.

” if i ask someone to gimme a second, i am asking for the equivalent of 7.9 terrestrial years.

The subdivisions of the galactic calendar of patient Practitioners of Imagination (Im.P.’s) are based on the same ratios used to divide a terrestrial calendar:

– One galactic year (GY) = approx. 250 million terrestial years, is the time it takes for the solar system to orbit the entire galaxy.
– One galactic month (1/12 GY) = approx. 20.8 million terrestrial years
– One galactic week (1/52 GY) = approx. 4.8 million terrestrial years
– One galactic day (1/365 GY) = approx. 685,000 terrestrial years
– One galactic hour (1/8,760 GY) = approx. 28,542 terrestrial years
– One galactic minute (1/525,600 GY) = approx. 476 terrestrial years
– One galactic second (1/31,536,000 GY) = approx. 7.9 terrestrial years
– One galactic millisecond (1/31,536,000,000 GY) = approx. 2.9 terrestrial days
– One galactic microsecond (1/31,536,000,000,000 GY) = approx. 4.2 terrestrial minutes)
– One galactic nanosecond (1/31,536,000,000,000,000 GY) = approx. 0.25 terrestrial second)”

— Joe Graziani:

from Facebook via IFTTT


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